5XPDC 4WD Jeli-Cameron Highland through Consession of KPKSB

Written by admin. Posted in 2003

The XPDC 4WD program is a first to be organized in one of Eco-Tourism activities. It was attended by 102 participants with 32 four-wheel vehicles from Penang Club 4WD Adventure.The objective of the program is to expose the KPKSB to conduct the event further, promote Eco-Tourism and rugged activities using logging tracks and exposes participants to environmentally-friendly logging activities practiced by the KPKSB. The event starts on the 11th. July 2003 and ending on 13th. July 2003 begins at KPKSB Stong Hill Resort next through Kem Meranto, Pos Pasik, Bering Camp, Pos Simpoh and ends at Cameron Highland.

The first day the participants arrived at KPKSB Stong Hill Resort 2.30pm and then headed to Kem Bering via Kem Meranto and Pos Pasik. Participants arrived at Camp Bering at 9.40 pm and spent the night on the edge of the Jenera river.

The second day participants split into two parts either through regular tracks and through challenging tracks (hardcore). For participants following the challenging track, the vehicle must be in good condition and complete with the necessary equipment. Both groups arrived at Pos Simpoh at 6:20 pm and spent the night here.

In the evening a BBQ event was held for the participants. The third day, the participants left for last destination to Cameron Highland at 8.30am and they all survived until 2.00 pm.

As a summary of this program / activity was held, the KPKSB managed to handle it effectively and received praise from the participants.

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