The forest plantation development project is a KPK long-term plan proposed to be developed.
The proposed project is among the preparations for diversifying the company’s activities
while the contribution of this project is very important to ensure the survival of the KPK.

In line with the State Government’s intention to emphasize the forest plantation sector to
diversify its sources of income and economic development, KPK as a Kelantan State
Government subsidiary took the opportunity to venture into this field. The forest
plantation project to be undertaken is the planting of rubber clone rubber trees. which has
been approved by the Kelantan State Forestry Department on 30/10/2012 (PHN.KN.75 / 31/1 J.18(22) with an area of ​​20,000 acres. In addition, the KPK plans and conducts studies for
the establishment of plantation forests such as rock, eucalyptus and local such as fatigue.

The project is also part of the preparation to diversify the KPK’s next source. The
concession area allocated to the KPK is almost in short supply and for the second round has
begun in 2012, diversification of resources is needed.