KPKSB Futsal Friendship Match With Agro Bank

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The futsal friendship between KPKSB staff and Agro Bank employees was held on the 11th November 2009 held at Gua Musang futsal, Kelantan. Aims to strengthen relationships with each other.

After the tournament was held a prize giving ceremony by the KPKSB General Manager to all players as a sign of consolation in the success of the game.

The Eid Day Ceremony

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The ceremony was held on the 15th October 2009 equivalent to 26 Syawal 1430H located at the courtyard of KPKSB Kg. Stong. The event is full of excitement with the presence of Chairman and Board Member of KPKSB, Employees & Family Members of the KPKSB and the locals.

Banquet concept concept with various dishes and Hari Raya cakes are supervised by the respective Division. In addition to the Eid Day presentation ceremony for children from the KPKSB family and local residents presented by KPKSB Chairman, YB. Hj. Zulkifli Mamat.

The Eid Day envinronment is happening this day with all the staff members being stationed at KPKSB Office Kg. Stong. Wishing Selamat Hari Raya Fetri and Sorry Zahir Batin to all staff of KPKSB and civillians who have succeeded in the Hari Raya Ceremony.

Badminton Match Between KPKSB And the Stong District Forestry Department Of Kelantan

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The match was held on the 7th October 2009 at Jelawang Badminton Hall, Kuala Krai Kelantan. This match is a friendly match to foster friendship among KPKSB workers with Forest Stong Forestry workers. After the match, the KPKSB General Manager presented prizes to all players as a consolation and appreciated their commitment in making the match a success.

Brain Storming Of KPKSB Staff

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“Brain Storming” was held on the 5th. October 2009 at Stong Hill Resort Kg. Jelapang Kuala Krai. It starts at 8.00 am – 5.00 pm with briefing delivered by KPKSB General Manager.

Aiming to exchange views and views from all staff, whether top or subordinate employees are concerned with matters that can contribute and increase revenue for the company’s success. Hopefully things that will benefit the company can be put into practice / task.

Iftar Ceremony At Bering Pos And Kem Meranto

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The ceremony was held on 3rd. September 2009 is equivalent to 13 Ramadan 1430H at Pos Bering while Kem Meranto was held on the 10th September 2009 equivalent to 20 Ramadan 1430H.

Aim to foster relationships between staff besides breaking fast and being together. In addition, there was a prayer at the place of worship that was held by Mr. Hj. Ramzi Ahmad (KPK staff) while Tazkirah was delivered by the KPK General Manager.

Course Of Human Building

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This course was held on 5-7th March 2009 for the first group and 16-18 October 2009 for the second group at Bukit Fraser, Pahang organized by the Human Resource and Administration Division of the KPKSB. This course is run by Motivation Consultant Company – Silver Events & Training from Kuala Lumpur.

Aims to expose the KPKSB staff to the importance of team spirit and to increase work motivation to achieve the company’s objectives and success. Various activities are held in groups during the day to night. All the activities are carried out with a smile and team spirit.

On the last day, there is a presentation of participation certificates to all participants as a commitment to the successful presence and task / activity.