Food Contribution to the Indigenous People at Bering Pos

Written by admin. Posted in 2010

On the 6th January 2010 KPKSB has delivered food donations to the indigenous people community in the indigenous people Village at Bering Post. The event was officiated by the KPKSB General Manager, Mr. Nik Mohd Kamal Nik Mahmud. Also successful in this program are Division Managers, Officers and several KPKSB staff members.

The main objective of the program is to strengthen the relationship between the KPKSB and the outside community, especially the indigenous people. This community assistance can help and further little the burden carried by indigenous people in the Bering Pos.

A total of 26 families were given food aid and received encouraging response from indigenous people there. This program can be considered as the basis for the strengthening of cooperation between indigenous peoples and the KPKSB. Through the speech of the KPKSB General Manager during the event, he thanked the indigenous people for the help and assistance they provided during the KPKSB logging work. Hopefully, cooperation will continue to be established to create cooperation between the two parties.

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