MC & I Visits To KPKSB Concession

Written by admin. Posted in 2004

On 3rd February 2004, a team of assessors from MC & I who were accompanied by several officers from the Kelantan Forestry Department visited the KPKSB concession area. This visit program is a follow-up from a previous visit to the State of Kelantan as observers and assessors on the application of the forest management system currently being undertaken by the Kelantan Forestry Department.

The KPKSB is the largest concession holder in the State of Kelantan and one of the licenses under the administration of the Kelantan State Forestry Office has been selected for their visit. The location involved in the visit was part of the secondary road in the concession, Compatement 175 (open field crops), Compatibility 197 (plot plot for the census work of the resident census conducted by the Kelantan Forestry Department) and Compatibility 174 (logging work) in the Forest Save Balah.

A day before, this member visited several logging zones under the administration of the Kelantan East Forestry Office and the Kelantan Selatan Forestry Office. The KPKSB has always multiplied its efforts towards compliance with the terms set out under MC & I. The program was also participated by KPKSB Forestry and Forestry Division staff who always accompanied the visit.

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