Mission of Investment Purpose to Dubai with State Government and Kelantan State Economic Development Corporation KSEDC

Written by admin. Posted in 2003

KPKSB has participated in a joint investment mission with the Kelantan State Government and KSEDC to Dubai United Arab Emirates (UAE) represented by KPKSB’s Chief Executive Officer, En. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi. The tour dates from 16-21hb. September 2003, it comprises 10 people comprising the Kelantan State Exco, PKINK Management and subsidiary companies led by KSEDC’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Hj. Hanifa Ahmad.

This visit has provided a good opportunity to meet customers who are interested in importing KPKSB timber output. As a result of this visit, KPKSB has successfully introduced and highlighted KPKSB products to the Middle East market. The visit can be considered as two-pronged, as well as promoting the KPKSB of this visit is also a field to exchange opinions and to establish strategic business collaboration. It is also a retirement visit from Middle East business partners who have come to the KPKSB and further established a continuing business tie.

The KPKSB, among others, has managed to take a step further by penetrating the Middle East market and then preparing to expand its business into the global marketplace in the future.

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