Trail Heirloom Project ‘II’

Written by admin. Posted in 2003

The program takes place on 6th 1424H Syaban (2 October 2003 ) organized by the Kelantan Tourism Association (KTA) in collaboration with the Kelantan Tourism Action Council. Participants involved include media and travel agencies from all over the country.

It was officiated by YBhg Dato ‘Mohd Azmi Razak, (Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia) at KPKSB Stong Hill Resort Kg. Jelawang, Kuala Krai Kelantan. This is the first time such a program was held at KPKSB Stong Hill Resort since its management was taken over by KPKSB. The KPKSB has provided free accommodation to the participants. KPKSB’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi was willing to convey the souvenirs to all participants who were eye marks from KPKSB Stong Hill Resort.

Participants have shown deep interest in the KPKSB Stong Hill Resort and responded by submitting strong suggestions during the Eco Tourism Product talk ceremonies delivered by YBRS. Mr. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi. In total, the KPKSB has succeeded in taking advantage of this program to promote and highlight KPK Stong Hill Resort to the public.

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