2nd Annual General Meeting of KPKSB Sports and Welfare Club

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This Annual General Meeting was held on 1st December 2007 at the Kelantan Tanah Merah District Council Hall. For the election of the new Working Committee for 2007/2008 session. It was officiated by KPKSB General Manager, Mr. Nik Mohd Kamal Nik Mahmud. The newly appointed members of the Working Committee are as follows:

Chairman: Mohd Pandi Ab. Manaf

Deputy Chairman: Hamidah Che Soh

Secretary: Sufian Mohamed Salleh

Assistant Secretary: Wan Ramlah Wan Jusoh

Treasurer: Ab. Halim Wan Jusoh

Members of Board: Sukri Abdul Manaf, Che Mahadi Che Hamid, Roshayati Abdul Aziz and Mr Sharifah Norakmawati

Auditor: Mohd Ramzi Ahmad and Che Azmi Yusoff

Congratulations on doing the job so that KSK can perform the activity successfully.

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri Council with KPKSB Board of Directors

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This Hari Raya Ceremony was held on 26 Syawal 1428H (7th November 2007) at the KPK Headquarters Jalan Dato ‘Lundang Kota Bharu. The event aims to friendly and foster closer relationships between staff and KPKSB Board Members besides dining for Hari Raya celebrations. The event was also attended by KPKSB staff from Kg. Stong Kuala Krai.

Team Leadership and Team Building Effectiveness

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This course was held on 23-25hb. August 2007 at the HB Village of Pantai Cahaya Bulan Kota Bharu Kelantan. It was attended by 32 participants consisting of groups B, C and D. These courses include motivational talks, group exercises, religious and sports courses.

The purpose of this event is to improve the spirit of motivation, work in groups, friendship, the formation of charity, selfishness and discipline. This course was inaugurated by KPK General Manager, Mr. Nik Mohd Kamal Nik Mahmud. This course is run by ABE Consulting Group Sdn Bhd, led by En. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi, a former KPK Chief Executive Officer.

Throughout the course, all participants were cheerful and enthusiastic to follow every program that was conducted. On the whole course it has been successful to build team spirit and leadership can indirectly increase the workmanship and productivity of the employees themselves and even the company. All course participants are given a certificate as a sign of commitment to the course

Friendly Futsal

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Futsal matches were held on the 15th August 2007, held at Pasir Mas futsal. The match is aimed at enhancing cooperation and friendship while being able to communicate and exchange views while sports. The present day duty was the Territorial Forest Officer, Kelantan West Forestry Office, Tuan Hj. Radzi bin Jamaluddin and KPKSB General Manager, Mr. Nik Mohd Kamal bin Nik Mahmud. After the match, both exchanged souvenirs as a sign of memories. This match was won by the Kelantan West Forestry Office Team. Congratulations to be spoken.

Meeting with the Chief Executive of KSEDC and KPK’s New General Manager

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The ceremony was held in May 2007 at the KPKSB office of Kota Bharu. A meeting with friends and to deliver a message to the staff. The ceremony began with a speech by Chief Executive of KSEDC, Mr. Hj. Wan Yahya bin Wan Salleh. His mandate is to enable KPKSB to achieve greater success in the business as well as to increase the company’s profits.

While the speech of KPKSB General Manager, Mr. Nik Mohd Kamal bin Nik Mahmud suggests that every employee should work with trust, honesty and earnestness for the company. Where the success of the company is determined by the staff’s commitment in carrying out its duties and is followed by efficient management. Working with a team and all the problems should be resolved together.

Meanwhile, the KPKSB also presented a souvenir to the retired MIS unit staff, Mohd Rozi Ibrahim, in remembrance of his services and services to the company. Congratulate to KPKSB and congratulate KPKSB General Manager.