Logging in the KPK concession is divided into two parts, namely Logging Approval Area for the Development of Timber Latex Clone (TLC) and Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) Logging.


Pre – harvest work takes approximately two years by following the SOP set by the State Forestry Department before logging operations can be carried out.


Logging is carried out in accordance with the Rule allocated to the KPK by the State Forestry Department of 2200 acres a year. Logging operations is monitored by the KPK Operations Unit and Kelantan Forestry Department and are audited annually by Malaysian Criteria and Indicators (MC & I).


The KPK also adopts the Selective Management system (SMS) which ensures only the permitted tree is cut down through the Pre-Felling Census (Pre F) and listed in the Tree Tagging Work document that has been verified by the Kelantan Forestry Department to maintain a residual living quota for the second round in the period 25 to 30 years.