About us

Kelantan’s Timber Complex is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Kelantan State Economic Development Corporation (PKINK). Found on 26 January 1979 with an authorized capital of RM 20 million and a paid-up capital of RM 6 million to actively engage in the timber industry (logging and milling).

         On April 25, 1983 the KPK had allocated a forest concession of 92,449 hectares in the Balah Forest Reserve, Gunung Stong Selatan, North, Central and Departed under the Administration of the West Kelantan State Forestry Office. The results of the first round of the entrepreneurs from 1983 to 2013 part of the area have been worked out in the first round and have been extended for the second round of 2013 to 2043.

In order to preserve the results of the KPK concession, the management has been practicing Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) introduced by the Peninsular Forestry Department. The 5-Year Plan covers an area of ​​11,000 hectares of 2,200 hectares annually according to the Kelantan Forestry Department’s Annual Timber Remark (CTT) ruling. The KPK has also allocated 13,065 hectares of Mount Chamah Highlands as a wildlife sanctuary and a highway for indigenous people as well as Gunung Stong Tengah Forest Reserve which has been declared a 5,725 hectare State Park.