Working Visiting To Keningau Kilning & Molding Sdn. Bhd

Written by admin. Posted in 2003

Rubberwood Processing is one of the activities proposed to the Sub-Committee on Strategic Planning Study to be utilized by KPKSB to maximize the utilization of existing machinery facilities at KPKSB factories as a result of potential rubber-cuts that are marketed and can provide additional profit to the company . In the early stages of planning, rubberwoods will only be processed to the sawdust level on demand and direct sales without downstream processing.

However, the Board of Directors of the KPKSB has recommended that the management examine the possibility of continuing the processing of rubberwood to the downstream level. In view of this, the Board advised the Chairman of the Committee on Strategic Planning and Management Studies to conduct a working visit to the relevant board of the board. Consequently, a working visit to a sawmill belonging to Keningau Kilning & Molding Sdn. Bhd (KKM) located in Rimyasa, Keningau, Sabah at 18 till 20hb. November 2003.

Aims to get an idea of ​​rubber wood processing activities such as machine comparison, raw material quality, product and market. The delegation is led by; Mr. Hj. Mohd Suhaimi Husin and Chairman of the KPKSB’s Strategic Planning Committee Subcommittee, comprising En. Che Abdullah Mat Nawi (KPKSB’s Chief Executive Officer), En. Mohd Shah Mohamad (Marketing Manager), Mr. Mohd Ghazi Yaacob (KPKSB Factory Operations Manager) and En. Wahab Abd. Razak (General Lumber / Consultant).

This work visit may be considered successful for the purpose of early study on rubber wood processing requirements downstream to coincide with KPKSB’s intention to diversify its activities. Things to keep in mind are the real picture of the ways of processing rubberwood downstream. Both are additional machines such as laminating machines and sanding. Third, the need for adequate and persistent timber supply in ensuring the return on investment made.

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