The Eid Day Ceremony

Written by admin. Posted in 2009

The ceremony was held on the 15th October 2009 equivalent to 26 Syawal 1430H located at the courtyard of KPKSB Kg. Stong. The event is full of excitement with the presence of Chairman and Board Member of KPKSB, Employees & Family Members of the KPKSB and the locals.

Banquet concept concept with various dishes and Hari Raya cakes are supervised by the respective Division. In addition to the Eid Day presentation ceremony for children from the KPKSB family and local residents presented by KPKSB Chairman, YB. Hj. Zulkifli Mamat.

The Eid Day envinronment is happening this day with all the staff members being stationed at KPKSB Office Kg. Stong. Wishing Selamat Hari Raya Fetri and Sorry Zahir Batin to all staff of KPKSB and civillians who have succeeded in the Hari Raya Ceremony.

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